The Hardware

One of the biggest reasons Keita and I use OS X is because of the hardware quality. Apple just makes better stuff than the competition. If we were to get our hands on hardware made by a different company, who would offer the best value for the money? Which machines would give us the better quality and design?

Sadly, there aren't very many choices out there. Non-Apple notebooks with great screens often have horrible keyboards, or machines with great keyboards have terrible screens. Finding the best balance is as complicated and frustrating as finding a Wayne Gretzky rookie card in mint condition.

Keita and I discuss some of our choices and what we're looking for from the hardware we use. From sticking with Apple to going all Lenovo to considering Hackintoshes, we cover the gamut and come away with just as many questions as we started with. That said, it's a good listen, and we'd love to hear some of your thoughts on the subject.

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