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A great computing experience can be measured by the quality of the hardware and the quality of the software. A well-built machine can be hobbled by buggy, inconsistent software tools. This has been seen time and again over the years with various devices that were ahead of their time but limited by the code that ran the system. The inverse is also true. Great software can be handicapped by insufficient hardware. As Keita and I continue our discussion on whether we should change platforms from Apple's OS X to something else, we turn our attention to the realm of software … with a little Kerbal Space Program thrown in for good measure.

Over the course of 50 minutes we talk about the various text, image, and audio editors that are out there as well as why we like or dislike some of the Linux-based alternatives. This aside, there's no way either of us can know about every single piece of software that's available to people using some flavour of Linux so, if you know of an application that makes a seriously positive impact in your day-to-day on Ubuntu or other Debian port, just let us know! Of course, if you prefer some other flavour of Linux, that's cool. We still want to hear from you!


Software We Talked About

Text Editing (With Linux Versions)

  • Sublime Text
  • vim

Text Editing (Without Linux Versions)

  • BBEdit
  • TextEdit (gedit)
  • Byword

Web Browsers

  • Safari (Not on Linux)
  • Chrome (Chromium on Linux)
  • Firefox (Available)

E-mail Clients

  • Apple Mail (Not on Linux)
  • Thunderbird?

Image Editors

  • Photoshop (haha)
  • Sketch (Not on Linux)
  • Pixelmator (Not on Linux)
  • Gimp
  • InkScape

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